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Make use of Imagecache for external files

December 29, 2011


Drupal module Imagecache is so good in doing online image manipulation that it makes sense to use it in web services, also on projects where Drupal is not used. This time I had to work with product images, we are talking about some thousands of JPGs and more to come. There are two systems using […]

Christmas Fiasco!

December 27, 2011


At Christmas eve we enjoyed a game of Fiasco! RPG with setting “Savolainen tuppukylä”. It’s about a little, closed village somewhere there on countryside. This is home-made setting but not made by us, credits are for MAK. Thank you kindly! We were five players and after set-up we were ready to present our characters. Terttu, 78, […]

Playing PFRPG: difference between in-character thinking and in-character communicating

December 21, 2011


This is an example from real-life game where I participated as a player. GM: At morning, fog gets even thickier than what it was before. You can barely see a small hill with a cutting, 30 metres from here. That was the hill you abandoned last night as a too obvious spot for a camp. […]

Ropecon 2011 writing contest

December 15, 2011


I took part in Ropecon writing contest. Theme was left open, but the judges were, hold your breath: Frank Mentzer, The Red Box author; Eric Mona, the Paizo publisher; and James Edward Raggi IV, author of Lamentation of the Flame Princess. What I’m going to discuss here is the feedback I got from the judges. […]