Christmas Fiasco!

Posted on December 27, 2011


At Christmas eve we enjoyed a game of Fiasco! RPG with setting “Savolainen tuppukylä”. It’s about a little, closed village somewhere there on countryside. This is home-made setting but not made by us, credits are for MAK. Thank you kindly!

We were five players and after set-up we were ready to present our characters.

  • Terttu, 78, granny, president of several local assosiations (might act as the lone member for many, though)
  • Kikka Fazer, 47, beauty saloon owner, former cross-country skier
  • Ville, 20, neo-nazi, working in a local DIY store
  • Markku Pesonen, 25, unemployed father of newborn baby, just out from prison
  • Jukkis, 50, bachelor son of Terttu, unemployed, part time criminal
Troubles and connections

In the opening scene we saw Terttu acting as a Santa Claus (she has a rather low-tone voice) in a local kindergarden Pohjantikka. First NPC got introduced, the head of the kindergarden turned out to be the mother of Markku Pesonens baby. Terttus performance didn’t go that well and in next scene Kikka took her in for manicure for half price as a consolidation (and to get new lojals). Ville happened to pass by and got his first lines: &%#!)&!. From there he went forward with his plan to build a bomb from fertilizers and other DIY stuff. Jukkis conforted him and they joined their forces, looking forward to blast open a safety from some local shop. Meanwhile Terttu and Markku Pesonen met and befriended.

In his first scene Jukkis was stealing summer tyres and selling them to the county constable, who was happy with the deal and left to Kuopio, the nearest town. Then Jukkis informed Kuopios police about stolen tyres and told that the constable has them. Just before that Ville had made report from a crime, summer tyres were stolen from the DIY shop he is working in. Constable got into trouble and Jukkis and Ville were quite satisfied over themselves.

Past not forgotten

Flashback scene from 70’s told the story between Terttu and Kikka. Kikka was a promising cross country skier, but when Terttu sent her to Helsinki, she met Mr. Fazer and became Mrs. Fazer. A few years later Kikka returned home alone. In their teenage years, Jukkis and Kikka were close. This Fazer thing brought bad blood between them, and some unthoughtable ideas started to play in Jukkis’ mind (we learned more on this in his last scene). Back to 2010’s, where Ville, Markku and Jukkis joined in high-ground training camp: Jukkis is now training for veteran cross country skiing. Terttu talks about his sons coming success to everyone. Jukkis is on his way to become a local celebrity!

Kikka returns from a holiday in Tenerife, Spain, bringing a dark Spaniard with her. The man hears about Jukkis’ high-ground camp and joins the guys in the forest. The Spanish method takes place and Jukkis, unconsicous at the moment for drinking too much, gets an injection. Couple of days later the skiing race, Finlandia Hiihto, starts, but Jukkis is caught on doping. “I don’t know where that hormone came from”, he explains to the press, but it is too late. Terttus hopes are crumbling and everyone are returning home, angry and disappointed…

Something is burning

…well, not everyone. During the training camp, Jukkis, Markku Pesonen and Ville had plenty of time to think about where to place the bomb Ville has made. Jukkis is persuading the others to go for the county constable, but that has its risks. Ville would rather take first some simple test subject. When Finlandia Hiihto is over, Terttu drives Jukkis off from her home. Jukkis contacts a family friend who invites Jukkis to stay in their barn house summer room. With no better place to go, Jukkis moves there, although its winter. Meanwhile Ville is executing the bomb test plan. He chooses an easy target: nearby barnhouse. Bomb is already set, with a timer, and when Ville is taking exit he realizes Jukkis is sleeping in one room of the barn. Ville goes in panic and knocks himself off by running against the wall.

Barnhouse belongs to a farm who is ran by the father of kindergarden Pohjantikkas chief. That means he is the grandfather of Markku Pesonens baby. Markku Pesonen, who knows about Villes plan, can’t let this happen and he goes to explain the bombing plan to his father-in-law the farmer. Together they run to the barnhouse and save Jukkis and Ville just in time before the barn explodes.

In the last scene of the game, Jukkis takes a major step in his life and comes out of the closet, with the county constable.

What happens next?

In the aftergame, Terttu suffers the worst, having lost all hope to his son and everyone else. Jukkis is happy to live with his new boyfriend, although performing minor crimes without getting caught becomes much more difficult now. Ville lets neo-nazism go, Kikka moves out from the village. Markku Pesonen scores the best, managing to leave his past behind and getting his family together.

Analysis of the session

This was a typical game session of Fiasco! It took about 2,5 hours and we had a wonderful time. Like often in Fiasco!, the story is drawing a big circle. The closet part in the last scene was totally unexpected from the player of Jukkis, it put the whole story nicely in packet. Fiasco! is wonderful in that it offers a huge room for spontaneous reaction by all players, but also it offers chances to build up something to be finally revealed in the last minute.

There is one more thing that deserves to be mentioned here. I said we were five here. That includes me, my wife, her brother and mother and the substitute grandfather. Two of us had player Fiasco! before, three of us didn’t even know what a role playing game is.

It did not matter one second.

Without big explanations, all were ready to start to introduce their character and the gaming started like nothing. This proves, again (I’ve seen this happening before), that RPG suites everyone and can be used as family sosializing. Just don’t pick up that newest D&D rulebook, pick something like Primetime Adventures or Fiasco!