Drupal 7 newsletter installation, step-by-step

Posted on May 10, 2013


Making HTML newsletter sender for Drupal 7 is something I keep forgetting how to do it. There are so many steps, all scattered around the system. I already wrote a guide about this, but here is the same in short.

  1. Download, install & enably these modules: Simplenews, Mime Mail, Mailsystem.
  2. Create first letter: Add content -> Simplenews newsletter, make sure to add some HTML tags in the message to try it out
  3. Configuration -> Web services -> Newsletters: mark message format HTML, save
  4. Configuration -> Web services > Newsletters -> Edit newsletter category: Under email settings set Email format HTML
  5. Configuration -> System -> Mime Mail -> E-mail format: Full HTML
  6. Go to your test letter, take Newsletter tab, send test message to yourself

If you got an email with HTML, you can proceed in editing the newsletter template for sending.

  1. Copy /sites/default/modules/simplenews/theme/simplenews-newsletter-body.tpl.php to your sites administration folder, most likely /themes/seven/. Do not copy this to your themes folder, that will come later.
  2. Edit /themes/seven/simplenews-newsletter-body.tpl.php
  3. Refresh cache
  4. Re-send test newsletter to yourself

If you got the test email with the changes you made in step 2, congratulations. Your newsletter system is ready for theming and production.

Would you like to show the newsletter online version, often you don’t have to do anything special as the newsletter is shown as normal node in your theme. If you have to make special things to newsletter online version, override default template by copying simplenews-body.tpl.php to your theme folder as normal.