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Tarinan luominen pelissä: Hickman revolution versus Space Invaders

April 4, 2016


70-luvulla pelaajat sijoittuvat itsensä tai pelinjohtajan toimesta tiettyyn tilanteeseen ja loppu jäi avoimeksi. Tarinat, konfliktit, tarpeet, seikkailut ja historia syntyivät itsekseen pelin aikana. 80-luvulla tuli muotiin toinen tapa tarinan muodostamiseen. Sijoitetaan pelaajat valmiiseen tarinaan, sijoittaja voi olla pelinjohtaja tai pelaaja itse. Äärimmäisessä tapauksessa, 2010-luvulla, Pathfinder RGP Adventure Pathit sisältävät oman kirjan pelaajille, jolloin kotiläksynsä opetellut […]

Christmas Fiasco!

December 27, 2011


At Christmas eve we enjoyed a game of Fiasco! RPG with setting “Savolainen tuppukylä”. It’s about a little, closed village somewhere there on countryside. This is home-made setting but not made by us, credits are for MAK. Thank you kindly! We were five players and after set-up we were ready to present our characters. Terttu, 78, […]

Playing PFRPG: difference between in-character thinking and in-character communicating

December 21, 2011


This is an example from real-life game where I participated as a player. GM: At morning, fog gets even thickier than what it was before. You can barely see a small hill with a cutting, 30 metres from here. That was the hill you abandoned last night as a too obvious spot for a camp. […]

Ropecon 2011 writing contest

December 15, 2011


I took part in Ropecon writing contest. Theme was left open, but the judges were, hold your breath: Frank Mentzer, The Red Box author; Eric Mona, the Paizo publisher; and James Edward Raggi IV, author of Lamentation of the Flame Princess. What I’m going to discuss here is the feedback I got from the judges. […]

Pathfinder RPG equation: play with zero players, one GM

August 30, 2011


For a particular playing style, what Pathfinder RPG really is about is a simulation of an imagined world. There are NPC:s controlled by GM and NPC:s controlled by players. Yes, I said NPC:s not PC:s, more on this later. To get to the root of this, all you really need is the GM who is […]

Ropecon 2011 Scenario Contest Panel

August 11, 2011


This is about writing contest I took part of. Read the first part of the article here. Place was Ropecon 2011, Sunday afternoon, Scenario Contest Panel. The three venerable judges, Frank Mentzer, co-author of the Red Box; Eric Mona, the Paizo Publisher and James Edward Raggi IV, author of Lamentation of the Flame Princess were […]

Pathfinder RPG on täällä!

August 14, 2009


Dungeons & Dragonsin uusin versio on julkaistu, posteljooni pamautti sääntökirjan (neljänä kappaleena koko porukallemme) postilaatikkoon yksi päivää jälkeen maailmanlaajuisen julkaisupäivän. Melkoinen järkäle!