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Drupal 7 newsletter installation, step-by-step

May 10, 2013


Making HTML newsletter sender for Drupal 7 is something I keep forgetting how to do it. There are so many steps, all scattered around the system. I already wrote a guide about this, but here is the same in short. Download, install & enably these modules: Simplenews, Mime Mail, Mailsystem. Create first letter: Add content […]

Protect directory with .htaccess with Drupal installed

October 12, 2012


Want to use .htaccess to authorize your content, under a directory that has Drupal installed? Getting Page not found errors? Just add ErrorDocument 401 “Unauthorized” on your .htaccess file which you are trying to use for protection. Example: has Drupal 7 installed. I want to put some big files for distribution on Customer […]

Using Drupal 7 text filter (input format)

June 13, 2012


Simple example of how to do your own text filter (formally known as input format) module for Drupal 7. Documentation is not very clear, hence this posting. As starters, you have to create your new module files and directories, for example, myformat/ and so on. Check how to do that from your favourite Drupal guide […]

Simplenews theming in Drupal 7

April 3, 2012


Drupal 7’s best newsletter system Simplenews may not be true to its name. Finding right files to edit for making a custom look for your newsletters has some questionable logics. Comparing Simplenews in Drupal 6 to Simplenews in Drupal 7, quite some things has changed in the name of keeping things logical. That means that […]

Password protect a folder under Drupal with .htaccess

February 13, 2012


This applies to all versions of Drupal. Most of the time you’ll want to have Drupal installed with its default .htaccess-file. Among other things, it takes care of building URLs in “clear” format, which is very nice. Unfortunately, it also prevents one using simple .htaccess/.htpasswd protection. That is very easy to fix! Setting up password […]

How to do mysql_num_rows() in Drupal 7

January 16, 2012


Drupal 7 uses it’s own database API, so using simple PHP functions like mysql_num_rows() does not work. Drupal API isn’t very up to date with this, but the earlier db_num_rows() function does not exist anymore, and db_affected_rows() is not good either, because you can’t use it with SELECT queries. Answer is to use method called […]

Make use of Imagecache for external files

December 29, 2011


Drupal module Imagecache is so good in doing online image manipulation that it makes sense to use it in web services, also on projects where Drupal is not used. This time I had to work with product images, we are talking about some thousands of JPGs and more to come. There are two systems using […]